“Hard To Get To – new art


I’ve added a new piece to the color gallery entitled “Hard To Get To”.  It’s based on a photo of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison taken by Jake Rajs from his book “Carved by Time” (used by permission).  I hope you like it.


New art

Landing Port


Chasm BridgeI’ve added a new image to my color gallery entitled “Chasm Bridge”.  It was one I started almost two years ago and have just been able to finish up this spring.  It’s done with Prismacolor color pencils on Lettramax 2000 illustration board (smooth surface).  I was inspired by a book idea my brother-in-law has been working on.

A few updates and a finished pic

Hey all,

I’ve finished a pic for my brother Steve.  Check it out on the side bar.  I’ve also gathered some materials for a new dresser project (see pics below).  I’ve also added a picture to my color gallery.








Sword Fitting

I bought a katana blade some years ago that came fitted with a hibachi.  I looked through some examples of hibachi from other custom made swords and found a design I thought was rather elegant, but not overdone.  This isn’t a copy of the one I found, merely an inspiration of.  Check out the pictures on the side bar and you’ll see what I’ve done.

Domain redirect

Hey all,
My original domain name will now redirect to this site. Type http://www.mcsorenson.com and you will find yourself here.

Some Favorite Illustrations and New Blade

Okay – I finally got around to posting some of my favorite illustrations and photos of my shop. I’m also getting close to finishing a new blade, it’s one of the reasons for such a long delay between posts.

Work in Progress

Hey all,

I’m in the process of figuring out this blog thing, so bear with me.  I’ll be uploading pictures and keeping a running tally of the projects I’m working on.